The 4 White Devils

Processed Salt
The 4 white devils include white flour, processed salt, sugar and pasteurised milk. These refined and processed foods have been linked to a wide range of diseases including Heart Disease, Cancer, Obesity, digestive disorders and Diabetes – to name just a few.

Highly processed foods cause huge fluctuations in blood sugar levels and are stripped of many vitamins and minerals.

These products have very high calories and very minimal nutritional content.  This leads to millions of people being overweight or obese and malnourished!

Research is showing that many of our diseases are deficiency diseases.

What can I eat?

Whole foods, include unrefined salt in your cooking. Get unrefined salt ( unrefined salt is high in trace elements and minerals) at health food shops. Brands you can choose from are macrobiotic, celtic, atlantic, Himalayan pink.

Eat beans, brown rice, a broad range of vegetables, 80% water content or over is best in your meals.  One or 2 pieces of fruit per day. A small selection of nuts and seeds. 2/3 rd of your meals could be vegetables – meat to be kept to a minimum.

Mountain bread wraps filled with fresh salads instead of the usual stodgy breads.

Lemon juice in water daily to alkalise your body. Drink plenty of pure water every day. Eating high quality foods alongside Isagenix programs gives you excellent nutrition & great energy look these up. Once you begin cleaning  & feeding your body it becomes natural to make healthier food choices and cravings disappear.