Acidic Foods

Relaxation Techniques

Most disease is caused by a diet high in acid forming foods (highly processed foods, meats, dairy, fast food, sweets, bread, GM food ). Our bodies must maintain a certain pH level to stay alive. If our blood is acidic our bodies must neutralise this acid. To do this it leeches calcium from the bones and uses the phosphate to increase the pH level. This leaves free calcium circulating in the blood which combines with cholesterol and blocks arteries (the cause of heart disease). This can also lead to osteoporosis.

Okay, so you might be thinking, what can I eat then? Am I going to starve to death?

The good news is that there is a wide range of amazing food that is readily available. You just need to become more conscious of what you are purchasing at the supermarket and what is going in to your body.

Convert your diet to an 80% alkali ash foods and 20% acid ash foods. Ensure that your diet is predominant high-water content foods that are fresh and organic. Supplementation with trace minerals and vitamins is also advised.

Common Alkali Ash Foods

Almonds, apples, avocados, beet, blackberries broccoli brussel sprouts cabbage, carrots celery cherries cucumbers dates(dried) lemons, green peas, tomatoes watermelon lettuce, milk (goat) millet etc most fresh produce.

Common Acid Ash Foods

Bacon, breads, butter, cheese, corn crackers, soda, eggs, flour, lentils, cows milk, dried lentils, peanuts, oatmeal, spaghetti, yoghurt, wheat germ, dried peas, chicken, lamb, lobster, blueberries, sardines, salmon to name a few.

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