Cholesterol No Indication of Heart Risk

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Well whaddaya know: Cholesterol isn’t the villain it’s been made out to be after all.

The latest research finds that millions, maybe many millions, of people are taking cholesterol-lowering statin meds for no good reason, because the real problem isn’t in those cholesterol levels in the first place.

It’s in artery-hardening calcium deposits.

In a five-year study of 950 men and women, researchers from Johns Hopkins University found that 95 percent of all heart attacks, strokes, heart-related deaths and other heart problems occurred in the patients with high levels of arterial calcification.

But then the study takes a turn for the weird — because after coming so close to the answer, the researchers concluded that statins may be of some use after all… but only for patients with those calcium deposits.

Sorry guys, statins won’t help any of these patients. If calcification is the problem, the easy answer is in vitamin K2 — scientifically proven to strip that stuff right out of the arteries.

But don’t stop there — because calcium isn’t the only marker of hardened arteries. It’s not even the most significant one, because homocysteine levels have proven time and again to be the best indicator yet.

And the best way to lower those levels and give your arteries yoga-like flexibility is to make sure you have three key B vitamins: folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

You’ll find them naturally in meats, but the best way to get them in the amounts you need for arterial health is by adding a supplement, ideally one tablet that has all three.

The B vitamins will also lift your mood, lower your risk for dementia and may even help you to hear better, so you can more quickly respond with a “NO!” when your doc offers you a statin.
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