Pain Relief & Recovery

New to Australia – TGA approved, proven benefits of biofeedback Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF).

NES miHealth device safely unblocks and releases energy blockages.

Unlike anything else on the market this device covers a range of applications that include working directly on the body and off the body in a broadcast mode.

What Does It Do?

miHealth has a range of functions that can speed up healing such as:

  1. Relieving both chronic and acute pain and tension
  2. Muscles – for general fatigue rejuvenation of muscle tissue
  3. Joints – rejuvenation of joint tissue
  4. Nerve – rejuvenates nerves and the nervous system
  5. Bone – rejuvenates bone tissue
  6. After Sport – Fatigue rejuvenation after exertion. Supports tissue damage.
  7. MyoFacial – Aids in the release of blockages in myofascial tissue

Can miHealth help relieve headaches?

Yes – there is a protocol that includes up to 4 different modes to help relieve headaches (all done broadcast mode )

How can miHealth be used in my treatments?

There are two ways you can receive miHealth treatments

  1. You can come in for the NES miHealth treatment only which lasts for 30 minutes. This amount of time will give you a thorough workout. Several settings will be used on body and in Broadcast mode. Each treatment is designed just for you. This is a cost effective treatment. Up to 3 treatments may be required.
  2. miHealth can be included into your 75 minute shiatsu or remedial massage treatment. Mihealth is used for no more than 10 to 15 minutes depending on what is presenting. Exercise and food advice will be included as appropriate.

Can miHealth Help With Tiredness and Stress in General?

Yes – MiHealth has a range of functions that help to

  1. Recharge – Works at a cellular level to recharge the whole body
  2. Energy – A general energiser for the whole body/mind. Works at deepest level of allowing the body to take in and make use of environmental energy.
  3. Hormonal – For fatigue of the male and female energy system related to hormone balance and regulation and.

Can miHealth Help With Emotional Wellbeing?

Yes – MiHealth has a range of MIND functions

  1. Emotional Stress Release
  2. Inner Peace
  3. Mental Clarity
  4. Sleep
  5. Liberator
  6. Chill

What else can it do?

miHealth has PROTECTION functions that help to restore balance after exposure to the following.

  1. Microwave radiation
  2. Far Infrared radiation
  3. Computer radiation
  4. Cell phone radiation
  5. Radio radiation
  6. Nuclear radiation
  7. EMF
  8. Rebalance after air travel

These are just some of the functions – there is an entire range of very specific modes that work on most areas of the body.

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Pain Relief & Recovery

Pain Relief & Recovery