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What a delightful change, a change that embraces wonderful diversity at every turn. After seven years living in the FNQ region we are constantly amazed at the variety that surrounds us every day.

The Cairns tablelands area arguably has the most varied climate of anywhere in the world.

Finally, Adrienne Smillie Remedial Massage and Wellbeing has expanded from the Cairns coastal fringe to the Mareeba area of the Atherton tablelands.

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Mareeba Fruit Vegetables

Here the tranquil waters from local rainforest areas supply the Tinaroo Dam, this enables a huge range of fruit and vegetables to be grown creating an abundant food bowl in the north.

Some of the healthiest foods grown here include fresh herbs, lettuce, lychees, mangoes, avocado and a  large variety of vegetables, navy beans, potatoes, paw paw, bananas, sugar cane and so much more.

We all want to feel our best and natural organic foods are second to none in helping us do this.

  • – To help the liver and gall bladder work more effectively natural ginger, radish and young green sprouts work very well.
  • – To assist with digestive elimination and cleansing celery juice is excellent
  • – Dark green bitter tasting leafy vegetables assist with heart health
  • – Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables will support your pancreas
  • – Kidney and adzuki beans will support your kidneys and bladder
  • – Various white and cream coloured root vegetables will help your lungs and large intestine.

Fruits and vegetables when eaten seasonally and grown in your area can make all the difference to your health and well being. We are blessed that fresh produce is grown in abundance in the Mareeba region.   

Our dream is now being put into action where we can now create our own food paradise of natural organic produce. The climate allows for the growing of crops that usually can only be grown in the southern states, with tons of sunshine and cool nights and winters we have the perfect recipe for success.

Mareeba Welcomes You

Throughout the year, in Mareeba, there are 95.9 rainfall days, and 915.3mm (36″) of rain for the year. Our coldest month in Mareeba is July, with an average high-temperature of 25.3°C (77.5°F) and an average low-temperature of 11.2°C (52.2°F). Great for stone fruits which represents a healthy part of any diet.

Mareeba boasts 300 sunny days a year! As the gateway to the Savannah bush lands, Mareeba enjoys a perfect sub-tropical climate.

Our well established health practice in Cairns  now has an added location in the Mareeba Shire.

It’s the perfect location to renew, relax, and ground making it easy to connect with a landscape that takes you to superb waterfalls, thick rainforest, open woodland, mountains, open country and a gateway to the outback.

This is indeed a place to reconnect with the healing forces of nature and find harmony and peace of mind. Mareeba has this clinic to help you get the best out of life and absorb this beautiful area of the world.

Rainforest Mareeba Atherton Tablelands