Pesticides And Veggies

Pesticides And Veggies
Are you aware that fruit and vegetables are sprayed with toxic chemicals designed to destroy insects via their nervous and respiratory systems? You may know them as pesticides.

Do you think that something that is designed to kill insects and known to be toxic could possibly be good for us? I don’t think so!

When you think about it we ingest fruits and vegetables every single day – along with their benefits and uninvited guests and contaminants – for the span of our entire life! That is pretty long term exposure by anyone’s standards (assuming we are eating fruits and vegetables daily and hopefully we are)

Chemicals that we ingest, breathe and absorb daily accumulate in our bodies and have delayed effects. Long term when the body reaches toxic overload we begin to suffer from health problems, often chronic ones that we don’t know how to deal with. That is why it is so important to lower the toxic load on our bodies NOW so we don’t ingest so much in the first place and also help our body to do its marvellous job of cleansing toxins daily.

If we are taking in toxins daily doesn’t it make sense to help our body to do this daily rather than detox only once a year or once a month when we go on a “health kick?”

Eat organic, grow your own as much as possible. You could learn how to clean your body daily with nutritional cleansing systems.