Plastic (NOT) Fantastic.

Plastic Food Container
Not only is the process of making plastics for our convenience a toxic process for the environment but containers used for storing or heating food in plastic containers may not be so great for our health.  Chemicals from the plastic leach into the foods (especially when heated) and these toxins act as estrogen in our body and can effect hormone levels among other things. From what I’ve read it would suggest that the amounts leached are relatively small however, when you consider the cocktail of other contaminants we are exposed to on a daily basis (house cleaners, personal care products, pesticides, too much sugar in our diets, etc) it all adds up to our bodies needing to do a great deal of cleaning on the inside to stay disease free.

Baby Bottles
To all the mums out there – Heating milk in plastic bottles (in microwave ovens) can be extremely toxic to your babies.  Consider heating bottles in BPA free plastic containers or glass bottles in a saucepan. Avoid using plastic where ever possible for the family in general. Take the next step to creating a healthier world, our future deserves better.