The Sweetest Poison

The Sweetest Poison
An entire industry is hell bent on marketing the stuff anyway it can. It’s whiter than heroin, sweeter than your fiancée, more soluble than the national debt & like a demon, this little beauty comes in a million disguises and always dresses like a friend – what is it?     SUGAR!!

When it comes to identifying this most common poison we willingly use against ourselves, we accomplish an amazing feat, denying its existence, resulting in millions of deaths worldwide every year.

Have you ever checked how much sugar is in your packaged breakfast cereal? You’d be amazed. You’ll be lucky to find one or two that are completely sugar free.

How much of it do you eat unwittingly?.

When you shop, check everything. You’ll be stunned at how much sugar sneaks into almost everything.

Think it’s safe with the alternatives – saccharin, aspartame, nutra sweet, equal, spoonful and equal measure – think again, these make sugar look like an angel.