Dave Jan 2017

March 7, 2017

My name is Dave and I am a 45yr old with 2 beautiful daughters aged 7 & 10. I have been carrying a lot of pain, both physical & emotional for many years. About a month ago I received an amazing offer from Adrienne, something which is very alien to me. I tell everyone that I am ok, when I’m not really. Adrienne saw through that and has been treating me at no charge, which has answered a long term question…….’There are still caring humans in the world!!’ I have internal bowel issues and degenerative cervical spine trauma. My time with Adrienne has shown me that not only can I truly calm my mind & body, for the 1st time!!!! But I also have the power to HEAL ME!!! Her amazing ability to find what ales you with little information is incredible. She has an a real gift that I thought had been lost. Trust me, I have seen a lot of therapists!! Although I am a very private person, I highly recommend that if you ‘are not feeling you’ go and at least experience Adriennes abilities. Everyone can, and should be happy. With that, health can follow. Visit Adrienne and experience something amazing.