When Your Intestines are Clean you have a lot More Energy


When Your Intestines are Clean you have a lot More Energy

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The small intestine is lined with villi. The villi are like bristles. The design of our body is for food to pass through the forest of villi where the nutrients are absorbed.

As food passes through the gut between the villi, there is always a small portion left behind. Mixed with intestinal mucus this builds up like a scum in a drain pipe!!

Foods that tend to do this are those that are over processed and lacking in fibre.

This left-behind food stagnates and of course putrefies. It can be a thin film or a thick compacted lining and no motion of the gut will move it.

This build-up becomes a haven for parasites and, of course they have first pick of the food you eat.

You only get to absorb leftovers and their excrement!!!      

Whatever action you may take to rid yourself of parasites will be temporary unless you change the internal environment. There are always worms in a compost heap!!

This lining of scum becomes a barrier between our food and the villi. The nutrients that we do absorb must travel through this lining of muck, and of course the muck is absorbed.

In fact, muck is being absorbed 24 hours a day.

Once absorbed, the body needs to eliminate it. It serves no value whatsoever and has only created toxicity in the body.

Absorbing this creates an enormous amount of cleaning up for the body to do.

The organs of elimination are the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs. Getting rid of the muck in the intestines is the best way to help these organs of elimination.

An excellent method for cleaning your body and finding out what works best for you is a combination of shiatsu treatment and nutritional cleansing.

Shiatsu will stimulate what needs stimulating while at the same time calming the nervous system.

The nervous system often will play a part in digestive issues especially if you are one of these people who eat loads of fibre already and still find it difficult to eliminate regularly.

Nutritional Cleansing is a proven system that works on a cellular level cleaning and nourishing at the body at the same time.

Herbal fibre Blend also works very well to clean out the intestines.

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